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I have worked my life in many districts in Haryana like Ambala, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri, FaridabadFatehabadGurugramHisarJhajjar, Jind, Kaithal, KarnalKurukshetra, Mahendragarh, Panchkula, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Yamunanagar And outside of Haryana, there are many states like Rajasthan, Punjab and almost all places have foot wedding. This problem has to be faced by all the photographers. Making your wedding photography should be fun, and these Hisar photographers will show you around. … The best part of being a photographer for me is capturing people every day, and they love me… I work the whole year & I use a wide range of lenses to zoom into each of your moments and photograph it.

  1.  People have questioned all around this, which camera is the app used from the beginning.

    Does it?

  1.  Which lens?
  2.  Nikon flash

Tell me what the lighting setup is…

So let’s see… 

Book Namdev Studio as Best Photographer in Hisar

Hire the best freelance Photographers near Hisar on Upwork™, the world’s top freelancing Website. … Gurgaon, Haryana … Here is my Website

Book Namdev Studio as Best Photographer in Hisar, Haryana

Nikon Z6 II This is a full-frame camera, and due to which you get an excellent dynamic range … Your lighting range is up to 6 stops on the subject …Resolution Means the camera has better photo quality.

The depth of field is better if the area is good; the center of the domain is much better. So all my lenses are outstanding elements of luxury lens Those lens and sharp photos and colors are good…When we talk about lenses, a 50mm lens in which I shoot ready shots, portraits and some ceremonies at weddings,60-200mm which takes a lot of candid and close up shots at the wedding from 16-35mm I take shots while decorating photos and DJs.24-105 I have often used an outstanding designation because of its versatility; it means much multipurpose use in the world.

Lens Video Type

What to Capture as a Wedding Photographer Video

After this, if we talk about the flash lighting setup, I use Canon’s dedicated flash. Because of this, the third-party moment has many syncing problems, due to which we are unable to use the flash so much. ..

It bounces the flash into portraits, usually in music where the lights are lit; I use a DJ tab.

 like Battery, SD Card, Charger, Extra Battery, Extra Cell, Flash Cell Charger, 1 LED Light

Its use: extra for security

After this, take some objects such as flowers, crystal balls, frames, grids, etc., together for creativity in the photos.

Gelatin paper also kept lighting for some sake…

If the technology of these objects is public, the app is uploaded on, and you want a dedicated video, then comment below.

Lighting set up outdoor lights, in addition to flash, Porta Light with Umbrella, Porta Light is a suitable method if you take a portrait in the wedding pavilion again or if a video photographer is working on the Both Jug.

Anytime I use LED lights, I can have a guiding light on top of the subject. I also use Nikon lights above this, so that portrait shots from sync two light or one light are very excellent…

And a softbot was also placed on top of it. So the soft effect is also found on the face.

I use this setup which is the best for a very comfortable, easy to carry, and candid wedding photographer. Best for me…

But I am aware that many photographers keep more prime lenses like 35mm, 85mm, etc., and do not like to work on porta lights…

Everyone has their style of photography, and if they explore us with their logs, you should buy this by simply looking at them.

Haryana Pre Wedding Photo Is So Famous And A Top Photographer In Hisar Photographer In Hisar Book Namdev Studio as Best Photographer in Hisar, Haryana

So please continue with me…….


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