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In all wedding celebrations among them, one of the most entertaining and intimate events is certainly the Mehndi ceremony. Aside from the traditional application of henna This pre-wedding event is one of the occasions that allows you to play around with themes, colors, and even activities! From fun photo booths hanging flowers, bright hues to an imaginative catering menu many options you can design with your wedding planner of luxury to bring a new spark to this special wedding.

If you look towards how to use the Middle East for destination weddings the weddings that take place in Doha are more popular than ever before and planning a location wedding with a destination theme within Dubai is always a favorite destination. Therefore, it’s no surprise that weddings with a Middle eastern or Moroccan theme is a popular mehndi theme. You can create a truly authentic mehndi by setting up a souk with henna artists calligraphy stall, a spice market as well as tarot readers. You can also have an illusionist who entertains your guests.

It is possible to have a brisk mehndi with a white theme with dramatic drapes set against the blue waters of a private swimming pool area, and comfortable seating decorated with white florals and cacti accents could set the mood right for a memorable mehndi celebration at the pool.

An extremely casual and relaxed mehndi style that you can opt for is a boo style. Your professional wedding coordinator will be able to play with colors, unique props and floral arrangements to create the perfect chilled out party complete with an acoustic band as well as pretty lighting.

Mehndi Attire!

What do you plan for your mehndi dress? Based on the fashions of the wedding season Think about boring outfits which create intriguing silhouettes. Do not be afraid to try new styles while remaining comfortably such as wearing culottes that are ethnic in fashion.

Another fashion trend that’s made an appearance and is worth a look is to drape your dupattas in a unique style. Are you a traditional person or contemporary or fun? Perhaps you’d like to think about having your wedding lehenga adorned with pockets. Who wouldn’t want to investigate this extremely comfortable and practical choice?

Design Elements & Design

For their planning assistance for your wedding wedding planners will advise you in deciding how to dress your wedding in a traditional manner or alter traditional elements of your wedding to reflect a couple’s personal style and personal style.

A feature that you can count for to give your home a relaxing look is pinwheels. They’re fun, playful and bring a touch of nostalgia to your décor. They are a great choice for small installations made of paper , or more dramatic installations made from wood with embellishments.

It’s no surprise the fact that flowers are able to be arranged around any style of décor. Flowers that are vibrant like marigold work well with mehndi’s most traditional functions and can be utilized in many ways, such as in the shape of a Rangoli or as backdrop for photos, or hanging on the ceiling. Based on themes, soft blooms can be used in conjunction with carnations or lilies, to give an elegant look.

Props! They are a blast to experiment with There’s no better spot to display props at an event than at the mehndi ceremony. Small props, from tabletop decorations, to bigger ones such as backdrops for photography and even figurines can be used to add to the richness of the theme.

Favorite dishes on the Menu

It’s better to let guests eat on food and drinks to make it easier for everyone to be Haryana Pre Wedding Photo Is So Famous And A Top Photographer In Hisar entertained! Consider appetizers and cocktails which your guests are able to get around with. Wedding food experts can inform you what mehndi food items are trending and what will work best for themes of the mehndi.

Wedding planning is not the only thing to consider, Tamarind Global Weddings feels that wedding planners must be able to make a wedding memorable one that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives.


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