Why Namdev Studio Photographer So Famous

Why Namdev Studio Photographer So Famous

There is a wealth of information available online to help us improve our skills as photographers and create profitable businesses. This includes podcasts, videos as well as tutorial sites, tips and tricks eBooks, in-depth guides workshops, and what have you. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve decided that we’ll limit the resources available to make it easier for you. Instead of publishing one huge article that lists all the choices, we’ll to break it down into smaller pieces and concentrate on photography blogs in this case.
If you’re more an avid listener than a reader, browse our list of Top Photography Podcasts. If you’d like to view some amazing video tutorials for photographers simply visit the YouTube channel.
This is where we’ve scoured the web for the most popular photography blogs and separated them by section to make it easy to navigate through and locate the best ones to suit your desires and requirements. Click on any of the categories in this table to scroll into that category for a detailed look at the best blogs in the subject. Be aware that there are times when it was hard to select the one category that was appropriate for all of them, so we tried our best to select the most suitable one that best fits the content of the blog. provides.
We’ll update this list frequently to keep it up-to current, so if you think you think we’ve missed something, contact us. Here’s our definitive list of the top photography blogs to follow in 2022!
Light Stalking
Mainly run and maintained by Ishwar Namdev this photography blog is a great resource for learning the best lighting techniques you can employ. There’s a wealth of information for beginners can absorb, as well as professional advice that even more experienced photographers will find useful. It’s also possible to browse through the best deals on the web , in their online shopping section. Light Stalking has an excellent community of people with similar interests who are happy to help you, and also online instruction to get you up and running. Overall, Light Stalking is an excellent online resource for photographers of all kinds.
Photography Concentrate
Concentrating on the equipment and cameras that the top photographers are using it is a wonderful website to look at if you’re just beginning to get into photography, or wanting to upgrade your arsenal of gear. There are numerous tutorials geared towards beginner photographers, and tons of information you can read to ensure the most enjoyable experience of your next photography session or purchase of a camera. The team is comprised from Daniel, Jill, Kaitlyn and Kristal who are highly skilled and have helped develop a valuable source.
An amazing website that is home to the largest online communities for photographers. 500px allows photographers to share your ideas, photos to build a client base and gain exposure for your work all in one location. Apart from their community members, they can read the blog of 500px, which is quite impressive by itself. It is packed with helpful tips and tricks that will help you get to where you want to be in the field and also to provide ideas for new ones that you’d like to explore but haven’t been inspired yet. There’s plenty to do and see and your time at 500px will definitely be worthwhile.
Photographer Spotlight
At first Photographer Spotlight may seem a little odd, but it demonstrates to us again how beauty is located in the most surprising of locations. The photos are progressive in a manner that makes you look at them more closely, and consider what message the photographer wants to communicate, and how it can be connected to your daily life. There are numerous people who contribute to the blog and often this can cause photography blogs to seem fragmented and lack a consistent flow. But that’s not the case with this blog, since everything is melded nicely.
Peta Pixel
Peta Pixel is around since 2009 thanks to the imaginative mind of Michael Zhang and Editor-in-Chief DL Cade. There’s tons of content that will help novice photographers about the abilities needed to succeed. There are plenty of information on this website that even experienced photographers will appreciate and keep returning to learn more. The site’s content includes reviews of products, suggested product blog posts, and original photos that are worth looking at to come up with inspiration for your next shooting or for a new camera. Photography technology is constantly in a changing state and it’s essential to stay on top of the fashions to cement your place as a professional in the field. With websites such as Peta Pixel, you can accomplish this.
Shutterstock Blog
Imagine this website as a complete beginner’s and intermediate guide to photography in general. There’s plenty of information here and, once you’ve got your basic kit it is among the websites you’ll need to check out first. There are many innovative ideas that will aid you in creating the perfect atmosphere or setting, and also advice on how to stay safe. There are also tips and guides that can assist you in using Photoshop as well as other editing software efficiently. For those who are advanced photographers who believe they be able to contribute something to the photography community it is possible to contact Shutterstock to join the contributor program. The prospect of gaining a new customer is always a bonus.
Photo Focus Blog
A team of driven people, Photo Focus is now a leading company in the world of photography resources. It’s been in existence for over 21 years and isn’t slowing down anytime very soon. While there aren’t a lot of galleries on this website but what you can discover is an abundance of useful information to bring along to your next photography session. While the site is geared toward photographers who have basic skills, any photographer will benefit from the content found here. Apart from the articles that demonstrate how to use the basic techniques and advanced ones There is also an audio section you can listen to while you work, along with videos, webinars of software tutorials, as well as the shopping section. The website is simple to navigate, and you might spend hours on it and not even realizing it because of the way everything is written.
Feature Shoot
The Feature Shoot will likely be your preferred method of exploring new emerging photographers who all have an innovative approach to the field. With their innovative and inspiring projects, you can be sure that you will be inspired to inspire your next photography shoot or opportunity. There’s a variety of artwork on display, and you’re sure to discover something that will grab your attention. The major categories are displayed on the left side of the screen, which makes it simple to find your preferred website, while the site features an organized flow, with mostly contemporary images.
Still Searching
We guarantee that you won’t come across another website as popular as Still Looking. It is always increasing its resources and fan base, which means that it’s constantly changing. While it may possess certain features that are similar to those of an “traditional” blog however, it is able to turn all beliefs about the topic into a manner that will expand your mind and help you look at every issue from a fresh viewpoint. It is recommended for those who are already seasoned in their profession, as they’ll receive the best benefit from this website.
1000 Words
One of the best modern photography magazines, 1000 Words was founded by Tim Clark back in 2008 and continues to grow and growing each year. What makes this magazine distinctive is the narratives which accompany each post with a style that doesn’t distract from the content or photos which are showcased. Each is complemented by the other in a way that’s engaging and will make you want to come to the site to read more. Experienced photographers will appreciate this collection as well as you might gain insight into yourself while you read these captivating stories.
Foto monitor
Photo Monitor is an exceptional photography blog that excels at abstract photography. It’s not an easy field to capture, however if executed properly, it could be truly outstanding. That’s the kind of photography you can expect to see here at its heart – extraordinary work by talented contributors. They produce stimulating content that makes you re-look at their portfolios. A different aspect to photography is difficult to master however, when executed correctly, it is a attractive feature which this blog is able to do well. The blog is located on The UK and Ireland and run by a group of highly talented photographers.
SLR Lounge
On first glance at SLR Lounge, you’ll be able to see the “trending” segment. It is a great feature as it tells the latest trends to date and what is trending within the photography world. In addition to the most recent stories you will learn tips, tricks and tricks that can help you improve your skills. These tutorials are simple to follow, and newbies will gain lots through SLR Lounge just from checking regularly and looking through the latest news stories. SLR Lounge is run by a group of experienced photographers who share really valuable information.
Wet pixels
Photographers who want to broaden their knowledge about underwater photography ought to go to Wet Pixel. It will teach you about the equipment required to take underwater photos. Photography underwater is an amazing and mostly undiscovered artistic art form, and this blog delve into issues that will help you how to create stunning underwater photos. A lot of people think this type of photography to be reserved for those who are skilled in the field, however with the right methods you can begin taking underwater photos like a professional.
The product showcase is at the at the end on the Photography Blog section. SIGMA blog has numerous stunning images from photographers. Although the blog is targeted toward intermediate and advanced photographers but it’s a massive online resource that has a wealth of information that you’ll appreciate for your photography career or hobby. Although there isn’t any one person in charge of the blog, and it is managed by a group of people however, you’ll notice that the tone of the blog is uniform throughout, and the posts are entertaining to read. The photos are breathtaking and the tips for gear are top-quality.
iPhone Photography Blog
Technology is always changing and growing as well as for the everyday Joe, iPhones have implemented fairly decent cameras, and this brings the ease of being able to snap a picture whenever the mood is right. This is the premise of this blog, the iPhone Photography Blog, which is an enormous online resource for beginners who utilize their smartphones to snap pictures. The site was created and is run by Kate Weston, this site will help you maximize the use from your iPhone and create photos that make people jealous of others who use smartphones. There’s a wealth of information on this site and even if the event that you don’t want to taking magazine-quality pictures There is lots you can learn about getting the most from your iPhone as well as useful tips and tutorials to make use of the iCloud and other programs.
Digital Photography Review
Specialized in photographic digital imaging, the blog is more on the gallery photographs as much on process, equipment and methods used in taking photos. It is maintained and hosted by a team of like-minded individuals, there’s plenty of information available that is useful to all photographers regardless of level. Alongside this section of tips and techniques on the blog, there’s an excellent buying guide for the majority of types of digital cameras and accessories, along with reviews and other articles. The site is easy to navigate through and is listed under categories at the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you’re trying to get started as photographer, or just looking to enhance your skills by using new equipment This is the website for you.
Photography Blog
If there are any gaps in photography galleries or images What may be lacking in galleries or photos, the Photography Blog makes up for the lack of product reviews and recommendations for equipment for photographers. The site is run by a group of talented individuals who excel in the testing of products and provides an objective review based on the features that work with the product and also what doesn’t. There’s plenty of useful information to be discovered here, and beginners photographers will find it useful. But, anyone who is looking to upgrade their camera equipment should check this site frequently.
B&H Explora
Offering tips, news and reviews from across the world It’s a fantastic online resource for photographers of all kinds. There’s a lot to explore and do and it’s not difficult to spend a long time here, absorbing all the details. One of the most popular aspects of the site is the video and photography categories that are regularly updated by the contributors to the content. Each article is written well, and you’d be unlikely to come across any type of filler content here, because everything is accurate and direct to the point.
Adobe Blog
Adobe has proven to be the best in the field of digital media and in the creative field, and this is evident in their blog. As you might imagine, there are many resources to help you improve your photographic ability and the photos are simply stunning. This blog is a fantastic instrument that you’ll need to utilize to keep and enhance your skills which is particularly applicable if you’re trying to improve your understanding of the world of digital media. The blog is managed by a group of experts and there’s plenty to explore and learn there, so be sure to be sure to check frequently for updates.
Aperture Blog
If you’re in search of ideas for your next photo shoot, this blog is the perfect place to begin. It was created by a talented team of creatives and photographers, one of the most appealing aspects on this website is it guides you to locate your center and your inner view when it comes to photography. It’s an art to take photos and it’s another to create art using the camera. If you shoot photographs with aspiration, you’ll begin to notice improvements on the appearance of your photos. There are plenty of information on this blog to help you grow as a photographer, however don’t expect to talk about the latest technologies or camera reviews. The goal of this blog is to help you get your creative juices flowing.
A Bit of Everything!
Lens Culture Magazine
In bringing modern photography to the people, Lens Culture has proven to be among the most renowned photography magazines and has managed to give exposure and recognition to photographers across the globe. The magazine has been in existence for more than 15 years and are still an important player in the photography industry. Their website is not just a showcase of stunning contemporary photography and images, but also offers online resources for beginners to improve their skills and develop the skills to succeed in the photography industry.
Creative Live Blog
The site was created and is run by some of the top experts in photography. Creative Live showcases how you can be photographer and earn money doing it. It’s a fantastic online resource for beginners or intermediate photographer, however even advanced photographers will find plenty of useful information here. The blog is frequently updated and is considered to be one of the top sources for photographers who are freelance searching for the best strategies to make it in this area.
1x Magazine
1x was created with the customer in mind. The purpose of the site is to bring the finest images from all over the world into one location that is easy to browse and purchase when you want. Anyone who is a fan of photographs of exceptional quality will be delighted by the vast collection of images on 1x in addition, the fact everything is all in one place makes it simple to browse through the images. According to the words of their creators “Curation makes us who we are”. Even if you’re not planning to purchase this moment the blog is a great way to get to know about the latest young artists, and read some inspirational stories.
On Portraits
Although you won’t find thousands of beautiful photos as you will on other photography blogs, what will find are helpful guidelines and instructions to help you to improve your photography capabilities. On Portraits is not managed by any one particular person however, it is run by a group of experts who want to assist photographers in enhancing their skills, and develop more effective version of their own. The content here is useful in one way or another The best part is that they provide a no-cost eBook to anyone who is interested. Overall it’s a blog that is worth taking a look at.
The Fashion Camera
Apart from her portfolio website, Netherlands native Liselotte Fleur has a dazzling blog about fashion photography which captures the spirit of contemporary fashion photography. There’s plenty here to enjoy your time and there are a variety of images that will catch your attention along with suggestions and answers to any questions ordinary fashion photographers be asking. One feature that stand out from other blogs on fashion photography is blurbs of behind-the-scenes footage on nearly all the images which you’ll find on this blog. This is fascinating to learn the events that took place during the photo shoot and what was going on in Liselotte’s mind during the time. It is worth exploring all this blog can provide.
Namdev Studio: The Wedding Photography Blog
Modern and stylish in their work The family-run blog highlights photographs by Arjun as well as Amen Kiran. They began working on their craft in their home state of India and have since grown in their company and grow rapidly. For these two, wedding photography goes beyond the mere taking of pictures. They are able to tell the tale of a wedding in a contemporary and fun style. Their experience is remarkable, and can be seen in their candid photos. This blog is ideal for wedding photographers who are aspiring. You can see how they make use of the lighting for their benefit, and how elegantly shot each image is.
Love My Dress
The Love My Dress is a blog that every bride should bookmark regardless of whether they’re keen on photographing or not. There’s a wealth of information on the site which will assist you in design your dream wedding and the images displayed are all top-quality gorgeous wedding souvenirs. The articles are simple to navigate and you are able to easily find the article that matches what you’re trying to achieve with your wedding. It’s also a good resource for photographers trying to become a wedding photographer or has an upcoming wedding and wants to improve their abilities.
Family & Baby
The Family Photo Blog
It is a Family Photo Blog specializes in offering helpful tips for taking the stunning family photos are featured in commercials and on television constantly. This blog is an excellent source for portraits of your family and you’re sure to get ideas as well as basic tips for photographers who are just beginning their journey however, any photographer will gain a lot of value in checking out this blog on a regular basis.
Inspire Me Baby Blog
Inspiring by everything related to pregnancy and family-related The blog was developed to be an anthology and features contributors from all over the world. There’s a lot to look through and anyone who is a photographer for families or babies will get ideas from here. There are a wealth of resources for photographers, and that is the reason this website was established to begin with – to provide photographers with the expertise and advice they require for their next family photo shoot. Everyone who is a photographer for children is aware that a cooperative child isn’t easy to find, particularly given the amount of time a photo shoot can last. It is important to inspire Me Baby Blog has the most tried and tested methods to help the shoot run smoothly!
Click in Moms Blog
Namdev Studio’s founder Namdev Studio created Click in Moms Blog as a way for her and her fellow photographers to discuss photography. it has grown to become an enormous online community for women and professional female photographers to exchange tales thoughts, experiences, and debate many different subjects. It’s a fantastic online resource that includes tutorials, videos and other tips and updates daily. However, the most attractive aspect that this photographer’s blog offers is that you are able to join an enormous group of women with similar interests. Anyone who is interested in this will be benefited by joining this expanding and vibrant community.
Newborn Baby & Family Photography Blog
Namdev Studio specializes in pregnancy as well as newborn and baby photography. She is also a mother to three lively children. She is aware of how wild and challenging youngsters can get. That’s why she has the ability to frame her images perfectly to create artworks. In addition to her gorgeous portfolio, her website has a wealth of useful content for photographers as well as newborn parents. Rachel’s lighting skills are stunning and you can observe the way she employs strong backgrounds in order to let the main subject stand out this is a fantastic talent for a photographer with a newborn to possess.
Photo Lab Blog
This blog is ideal for film photographers who are just beginning their careers and will help you understand the basics of digital photography both in and out from the darkroom. There are many interesting tips and tricks that can benefit your photography, especially if haven’t seen the result that you want to get. This blog is perfect for film lovers, however photographers can also benefit from it to improve their knowledge and skills.
Namdev Film Photography Blog
Film photography isn’t an easy subject to study one can be sure that anyone who practice it will be able to tell you. With websites such as Analog Film Photography Blog, anyone who wants to build a career or even an interest in film photography today has the information, resources and opportunities to succeed. This blog is full of information for both intermediate and novice film photographers through detailed posts, online projects group exhibitions, and even publications.

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